1. Color Reader
      2. model no. : CR-10+

      3. Desc. :


        New model in 2016

      5. Application :

      6. To measure color difference of plastic, paint, printing, textile, metal, etc.

      7. Feature :

      8. To measure color of any opaque material, wide range, easy to use, compact, data output to PC

  • Sensor: Silicon photo diode array
    Measuring area: Ø8 mm; Ø5 mm (optional accessory)
    Measuring conditions:

    8° illumination; diffuse viewing; SCI; D65 standard illuminant;

    10° standard observer

    Measuring range: L : 1 ~ 100
    Measuring function: CIE Lab, CIE Lch, ΔL, Δa, Δb, Δc, Δh, ΔE*ab

    Within ΔE*ab 0.10

    (based on 30 average measurements of standard white plate)

    Data memory: 1000
    Digital output: USB
    Power source: 4 AA-size batteries; USB power bus; AC adapter
    Dimensions: 158 x 85 x 66 mm
    Weight: 420 g (without battery)