1. CCM Software
      2. model no. : Colibra

      3. Desc. :

      4. CIBA

      5. Application :

      6. To quickly calculate matching formulas by computer programs for any color of plastic, ink, paint, dye, metal, etc. 

      7. Feature :

      8. To match color of any opaque, translucent & transparent material, easy to create database of colorants & substrates, easy to edit, operation possible without professional engineers 

  • Hardware: Any computer running MS Windows OS & any spectrophotometer

    Because of different users produce different materials, 

    users are required to prepare recipes with different

    concentrations for every colorant & substrate.  

    All of them are then measured by spectrophotometer.  

    The data obtained are used to create database.



    Reflectance : diffuse illumination; 8˚ viewing angle;

    transmittance : diffuse illumination; 0˚ viewing angle; SCI & SCE;

    A, C, D50, D65, F2, F6, F7, F8, F10, F11, F12 standard illuminants;

    2˚ & 10˚ standard observer 



    CIE Lab, CIE Lch, Yxy, XYZ, Hunter Lab, metamerism index,

    Munsell (C illuminant only), ΔE*ab,CMC (l:c), CIEΔE1994, CIEΔE2000,

    CIE WI (D65 illuminant only), WI ASTM E313 (C illuminant only),

    YI ASTM D1925 (C illuminant only), YI ASTM E313 (C illuminant only) 



    Matching formulas are sorted by

    color difference, material cost, colorant quantity