1. IR Thermal Camera
      2. model no. : DT-9875

      3. Desc. :

      4. CEM

      5. Application :

      6. To measure temperature, suitable for distant, moving & harmful objects, such as electrical wire, control board, etc.

      7. Feature :

      8. Easy to use, compact, to measure temperature without directly contact objects, to show large area of surface temperature distribution by LCD image display 

  • Sensor: Uncooled microbolometer focal plane array
    Thermal sensitivity / NETD: <=0.08˚C@30˚C / 80mK
    Temperature unit: °C or °F (switchable)
    Minimum measuring distance: 0.2 m
    Thermal image display: 3.5 inch LCD monitor; 160 x 120 pixels
    Measuring range: -20 ~ 400°C, -4 ~ 752°F

    Within ±2˚C or ±2% of displayed value

    Display resolution: 1 digit after decimal point
    Emissivity range: 0.01 ~ 1.00
    Display function: IR image, visual image, picture in picture
    Data storage:

    Store in micro-SD card (4GB, up to 64GB)

    as JPEG / MPEG4 format

    Digital output: USB
    IP rating: IP 54
    Power source: Lithium ion rechargeable battery or AC adapter
    Dimensions: 243 x 103 x 160 mm
    Weight: 920 g (with battery)